June 13th, 2024

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14 hours ago

Socioeconomic inequalities in greenhouse gas emissions from household travel in New Zealand

A recent study published in Travel Behaviour and Society reveals significant socioeconomic inequalities in greenhouse gas emissions (GHGe) from household travel in Aotearoa/New...

1 day ago

Total gross earnings in New Zealand up by 8.6% in year to March 2024

Total gross earnings for the March 2024 year rose by 8.6% ($13.8 billion) compared with the previous year, according to Stats NZ. The total...

2 weeks ago

New Zealand sees slower population growth but increased diversity, 2023 Census reveals

New Zealand's population has grown by nearly 300,000 people since 2018, but the growth rate has slowed, according to the first results from...

4 weeks ago

Global renewables reach new milestone, generating 30% of electricity in 2023

2023 marked a significant turning point in global electricity production, with renewable energy sources—principally solar and wind—contributing an unprecedented 30% to the global electricity...

4 weeks ago

No-cause evictions leave no hope for renters

The Government’s new legislation permitting landlords to terminate tenancies without providing a reason has sparked significant backlash, particularly among the 1.4 million renters in...

4 weeks ago

New Zealand calls for calm, constructive dialogue in New Caledonia

New Zealand is urging calm and constructive dialogue in New Caledonia amidst escalating violence and protests in Nouméa, Foreign Minister Winston Peters said today,...

4 weeks ago

New Zealand faces record net loss of citizens as more than 52,000 leave

For the first time, the annual net migration loss of New Zealand citizens surpassed the 50,000 mark, reaching a new high of 52,500 in...

4 weeks ago

$153m for charter schools diverts essential resources from public education

The New Zealand Educational Institute (NZEI) Te Riu Roa has expressed strong opposition to the government’s recent announcement of $153 million earmarked for...